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Achieving goals with the latest in website & web application development technology.

The Development Process:

Our development process generally involves the following steps:

  • 1

    Initial Research

    A solid foundation is absolutely necessary in order to create a successful website or web application. We research the best implementation of your project, while ensuring that you are informed throughout the entire process.

  • 2

    Design & Feedback

    After a general design and strategy have been put together, we request client feedback and approval of our progress. This allows us to double-check that we are conveying the client’s ideas in the way they intended.

  • 3

    Back-End Development

    Choosing the right tool for the job is an important decision in the web development process. Whether it’s creating a business website powered by Wordpress, or a web application built from Laravel – we make sure that your back-end is constructed from a proven and scalable framework.

  • 4

    Beta Testing

    Before launch, we test all projects for bugs and/or unwanted behavior. This step allows us to polish each project and make sure that the final product is ready for the public.

  • 5

    Launch & Hosting

    After launch, web hosting and regular maintenance is necessary in order for most websites to continue to run well. We provide many of these service options on our fast and secure servers. File backups and general support are also available.

  • 6

    Digital Marketing

    Building the perfect website or web application is an excellent step in growing a digital audience. However, for clients who wish to increase traffic at a faster rate, we provide a custom combination of digital marketing services designed to fit each project’s exact needs.

Responsive Website Design

We create each project with a responsive front-end design. This ensures that each website and web application will have an optimized layout, regardless of the viewing device’s width.

WordPress Websites

Building a good business website starts with selecting a reliable content management system (CMS), and we believe that WordPress is the right tool for that job. Already powering over 60 million websites, WordPress offers a robust collection of tools and plugins - it is also maintained by hundreds of community volunteers.

  • Tried & Tested Platform

    WordPress is constantly tested and maintained by an active developer community.

  • Search Engine Optimized

    We make sure that each WordPress project is built with search engine optimized markup.

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Laravel Web Applications

For projects that require a bit more functionality and granularity, we offer professional web application development services. With the help of the Laravel PHP framework, we can develop scalable and flexible solutions for each of your project’s needs. We can also help you plan out growth and future development decisions.

  • Scalable Development

    We develop all Laravel projects with scalability in mind, so you are ready for any growth spurts.

  • Flexible Architecture

    Laravel’s flexibility allows for a wide range of functionality implementations.

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